Board Care

Maintaining your cutting and charcuterie boards can be a quick and easy task that will extend the life of the board and keep it looking great. All our boards are finished with food safe mineral oils that help protect and seal the wood.


It's perfectly ok with wash your boards with soap and water coupled with a good scrub, however you need to be sure to dry them well immediately afterwards and let it air dry while standing or in a rack on it's side. Airflow is key.

Some things to avoid:

  • Putting your board in the dishwasher
  • Letting your board sit in water
  • Using bleach or harsh chemicals to clean the board
  • Leaving a wet board laying flat to dry

Staining or smells can be eliminated using white vinegar or lemon juice. Fats and organic materials are neutralized by the acids.

Once dry, a quick rubdown using a food safe mineral oil or beeswax board cream will help reinvigorate the wood fibres. Monthly maintenance will keep the board ready to go for years to come.